Tamu @ Jalan Stampin Tengah


Jalan Stampin Tengah


At the intersection of food, art and community.

We see each project as an ode, a celebration of the local community. Next in our endeavour will be a mixed development that balances the ‘familiar’ and the ‘new’, thus reimagining urban living in Kuching.

It will have a commercial and retail component, but it will not be another cliched mall. We want to push beyond the routine, and rekindle the warmth and charm of what a place should offer – not mere transactions, but interactions of inspirations and discoveries, ties and camaraderie, activities and culture.

Expect an authentic, people-centric place that is not only highly liveable but also loveable, with aesthetics that will stand the test of time, surrounded by plentiful gardens, sprawling parks and Kuching’s first rooftop performing arts centre.

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