Piling work for Vantage @ Tamu was completed February 2018

|9 March 2018|

More than 200 bored piles were cast over a period of three months.

We opted for the bored pile method (despite the cost being substantially higher) over the traditional piling method due to the hard ground at site. The piles were cast in-situ. As can be seen from the pictures, only the rebars were visible above ground – the rest of the piles are perfectly cast below ground.

Traditional method is generally used where the ground is soft enough for the piles to be driven into ground by drop hammers. In our case, we have to drill through the hard ground and use cast-in-place concrete piles. This means our buildings are sitting on top of solid bedrock where the settlement is very minimal versus other flood-prone areas in Kuching.

Our foundation work (up to pile caps) will be fully completed in approximately a month. After which we will proceed with the basement and subsequently the building itself.

We will only begin our marketing campaign after the foundation work is completed so please stay tuned.